Free Real Estate Investing Classes

The Real Estate Financial Planner™ provides a generous number of free real estate investing classes on how to buy your first investment property.

The following are the classes that are currently available for free. The same list is sorted in two ways: alphabetically and by date presented.


Date Presented (First to Most Recent)

Premium Real Estate Investing Classes

Our free content focuses primarily on buying your first property, but that's just the beginning of our financial independence journey together. Our premium content picks up after you've purchased your first property and helps you after you've bought your first deal.

To get access to our hand-curated premium content, tools and more, consider upgrading now to Premium Membership.

The Vault

Our Premium Membership gives you access to new, valuable, timely and exciting content each and every month with your membership.

However, we have an entire library of content that we have retired to The Vault. If you'd like to access our library of older content, consider purchasing Keys to the Vault.

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