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Using the Real Estate Financial Planner™ can be complicated — with massive, flexible power comes complexity!

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If you think something is broken or not working, leave a comment describing the problem on that page of the website and/or email [email protected].

We are constantly adding new features to the software and making updates. Sometimes to add new features, we need to abandon old features that are no longer compatible. This is a living, breathing project, and we are bound to break something as we try to make it the best it can be. Thank you for your continued support and especially your continued patience.

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5 thoughts on “Free Support”

  1. Thanks for the comment. Glad that you’re enjoying using the REFP. We do have a lot of the code written for Premium but we have not released an official Premium version yet since we really don’t know quite yet how we’re going to structure it. Right now, anyone can use the free version including copying Blueprints to play with them.

  2. Thanks for the comment Chris. I am wondering if you’re entering in a value that is not acceptable and it is kicking it back to you from that. Can you try changing just one value at a time and save it after you change it to see if it changes for each one. When you do find the one that is not working, please let me know what the value was and I will see if I can fix it.


  3. Thanks for the message Annie. Can you tell me which ones specifically you’re looking at and wondering about? I can go in and make it clearer. In the meantime, I will try to guess which ones you’re asking about. Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks Alan.

    > James love love love what you are doing here,


    > this is the missing link for average investors getting into the single family investment game.

    Glad you think so. Thank you!

    > What are the options for giving a pro like yourself a scenario and have you map it out?

    I’m not sure.

    > Basic gist is someone inherits 500k and wants to buy as many 150-200k houses that rent for 1200-1500 w/ 20% down as fast as possible without risking going broke.

    So, this is a super interesting question. I am overdue for creating a class discussing reserves and “safety” so it is not something I have an exact public answer for.

    However, I think many CPAs and financial advisors would tell you that a minimum of 6 months of liquid, super conservative (savings account) reserves is recommended. A more conservative number is 12 months for added safety.

    With that, it is easy to put in a starting balance of $500K and create a Dynamic Property for $150K to $200K and using a Rule buy as many as you can with 12 months reserves.

    The software will tell you pretty quickly.

    Then, as you actually acquire properties… adjust your assumptions by adding the actual properties you bought and the remaining money you have in your account to see what it looks like moving forward from that point.

    > How many houses can they safely buy on what time line?

    Yes… that’s an easy one (as I described above).

    I hope that helps.


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