The Ultimate Guide to Rental Property Financing

If you’re looking for information on rental property financing then you’e found the ultimate guide including several recordings of real estate seminars that go over various aspects of rental property financing, spreadsheets and additional tools.

Class Recording:
Financing 101

In this special real estate seminar you will learn all about financing properties including rental properties and primary residence financing. Why discuss financing your primary residence on a website dedicated to discussing topics related to investment property? Certain strategies (like the Nomad™ investing strategy) has you buy a property as your primary residence, live there for a year (or more) and then convert that property to a rental.

Class Recording:
Amazing Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Using a very similar presentation to the Financing 101 class above, this real estate seminar also teaches you about how to finance rental properties from October 11, 2017.

Class Recording:
The Ultimate Guide to the BRRRR Strategy

Are you interested in learning about how to buy properties, rehab them, rent them out and then refinance them so that you leave little or even none of your own money in the deal? Then check out this special real estate seminar on the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi, Repeat) strategy.

Class Recording:
Buying at a Discount to Refi and Hold

Get even more info on the BRRRR strategy in this real estate seminar I gave on January 25, 2017.

Class Recording:
1031 Exchanges

Since 1031 exchanges and rental property financing go hand-in-hand, you may also enjoy these classes on 1031 Exchanges. During the class we do discuss some financing topics as well.

Brian taught this 1031 Exchange class on June 12, 2019.

And this is the first time he taught the same class from May 31, 2017.

Class Recording:
Owner Financing

Traditional financing (also known colloquially as conventional financing or bank financing) is not the only way to finance the purchase of a new rental property. From time to time you may also find a seller who is willing to act like a bank and accept payments (often monthly, but it doesn’t have to be monthly) on the purchase. The following is a special real estate seminar recording I gave that discusses using owner financing.

Class Recording:
Creative Financing

If you want to learn about a variety of creative real estate financing strategies then check out this real estate seminar recording called Creative Financing 101.

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