The Best Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet Ever… FREE!

If you’re looking for The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™, then you’ve found the right place. Download it, for free, using the button below or read more about its rich provenance and how to use this amazingly valuable tool.

The Worlds' Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet
The Worlds’ Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet

Gone are the days of:

  • Buying unprofitable properties because you did not run the numbers—or worse… you ran the numbers wrong
  • Getting stuck with loser, cash-flowing-sucking dogs of properties that don’t put money in your pocket each month
  • Worrying you got a math error somewhere in your spreadsheet
  • Taking hours to analyze each property just to find out it is a non-deal

When my best friend Brian Williams first put together The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ he wanted to make sure it met three criteria:

  1. It was quick and easy to use for analyzing potential properties he wanted to buy
  2. It was correct with no math errors
  3. It could model basic single-family-home buy-and-hold purchases but also handle more sophisticated strategies like buying multi-family, apartments, retail, industrial as well as lease-options, subject-to, partnerships and more

And, so he built the very first version to use for himself and began using to start buying rental properties. The more he used it, the more improvements he made.

Then, we began to teach real estate investor classes on deal analysis using the spreadsheet and got feedback from a wide array of real estate investors from first-time newbie investors to battle-hardened sophisticated apartment buyers. He made improvements and used it himself. Others began to use the spreadsheet and shared what they loved about it and what Brian could do to make it better.

Brian toiled for hours and hours and hours over a period of years to perfect The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™. With each improvement, seeking and getting feedback from many members of the 1,200+ member Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group.

And, now you can download and use it for yourself… completely free. Use the button below to download the version 3.71 of the spreadsheet now or continue reading to learn more about the spreadsheet and training on how to analyze deals.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The spreadsheet is available in Microsoft Excel format (.xlsx).

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