Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet

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The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™Version 2022.02 Attend the release party for the newest version of The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ (version 2022.02) on February 2, 2022 at 6 PM. Register on Zoom New year, new deal analysis spreadsheet. The The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ reimagined for 2022. In a word: simplify The new rental property analysis spreadsheet is simpler to use. We’ve moved all the information we rarely look at when analyzing a deal from the main Inputs & Dashboard tab to the Overrides tab. We took the 9 most important … Read more

Real Estate Investing Classes for Plus Members

The following are the classes that are currently available for our Plus Members. The same list is sorted in two ways: alphabetically and by date presented. Alphabetical Date Presented (First to Most Recent) IMPORTANT NOTE: Plus content is subject to change at any time, without warning.

Investing in Rental Properties

If you’re interested in learning how to invest in rental properties on your journey toward financial independence, then you’ve found the right place. Many folks seek rentals because they believe that they provide superior returns compared to other investments like stocks, bonds, notes and speculating in commodities and cryptocurrencies. The returns you can earn buying rentals break down into four component areas that we often discuss with the Return Quadrants™. Some folks have traditional described this using the acronym that real estate is the IDEAL investment. Where: I = Income D = Depreciation (tax benefits) E = Equity build-up A … Read more

Real Estate Financial Planner™ Podcast

Welcome to the Real Estate Financial Planner™ family of podcasts. Real Estate Financial Planner™ Podcast FREE REFP Inside the Numbers FREE REFP Advanced Available for Purchase Premium Available for Purchase REFP Insider Invitation Only Nomad™ Real Estate Investing Podcast FREE Check out the descriptions of them below. Real Estate Financial Planner™ Podcast FREE Stories about real estate investors striving to achieve financial independence, reduce risk and optimize their real estate investing strategies. Uses the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software to model how a wide range of  Characters choose to invest as they work toward achieving their own goals and overcome … Read more

Alternate Universe Modeling™

Alternate Universe Modeling™

Alternate Universe Modeling™ is our version of doing  Monte Carlo simulations for our  Scenarios. In the simplest terms you take a  Scenario you’ve created. For example, check out Andrea in Ep 1: Andrea Buys 8 Rentals with Down Payments for 2. That does NOT utilize Alternate Universe Modeling™ but we could add variability to: Yearly Rate of Return for money in  Accounts that are invested in the stock market Appreciation Rate for  Properties in the  Scenario Rent Appreciation Rate for  Properties in the  Scenario Mortgage Interest Rates for  Properties you might buy in the  Scenario Inflation Rate for the  Scenario … Read more

Modeling Passive Income in the Real Estate Financial Planner™

The Real Estate Financial Planner™ software gives users unprecedented insight into how real estate investments impact your journey toward achieving financial independence. The software does an amazing job of modeling passive cash flow from rental properties and automatically adjusting cash flows as you consider paying off properties, refinancing properties, cash out refinancing properties and selling properties. But, until recently, it did not have a great way to model other forms of passive income like social security income, pensions and annuities. The software has the user define their Target Monthly Income in Retirement. Target Monthly Income in Retirement is the amount … Read more

True Cash Flow™

Ep 5 - Andrea - Total True Cash Flow - Monte Carlo

You’ve heard of cash flow on rental properties. Basically, it is defined by taking all the income from your rentals minus all your expenses. Cash Flow = Income – Expenses But, have you heard about True Cash Flow™? True Cash Flow™ is your traditional cash flow plus Cash Flow from Depreciation™. True Cash Flow™ = Cash Flow + Cash Flow from Depreciation™ If you’re familiar with the Return Quadrants™, True Cash Flow™ is represented by the returns from these two sections: Post Depreciation Period Depreciation for a residential rental property typically lasts 27.5 years. Since True Cash Flow™ is really … Read more

Cash Flow

Ep 5 - Andrea - Total Cash Flow - Inflation Adjusted

What is cash flow for rental properties? Why is it important? How is it calculated? And cash flow reports for your investments. That’s what we’ll cover here. First, what is cash flow for rental properties? Cash flow is the money generated from your rentals after you account for all the income from the property and subtract all the expenses for the property. Income from your property might include: Rent from properties Option fees on properties Additional mid-month payments Utility bill back Income from onsite amenities like laundry or internet Appliance rent IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not typically consider Cash Flow … Read more

Should I Refinance My Rental Property?

One of the more common questions we get from real estate investors is Should I refinance my rental property?. It is right up there with Should I Sell My Rental Property?. However, the math for the decision making process is a little bit different. When considering selling you often look at your True Net Equity™ and the return you’re currently receiving on that equity. Then, you know what return you’d need to get on the proceeds from the sale (aka your True Net Equity™) with what you’re going to do with that money. When considering the question of refinancing, there … Read more

Ep 5: Andrea Pays Off Properties Early with Cash Flow

In Episode 5,  Andrea asks herself a common question: should I pay off my properties early with extra cash flow? Plus these related questions: Will paying off properties early lead to achieving financial independence earlier? Will it increase or decrease my net worth? Will that increase or decrease my risk? Will it give me a higher or lower standard of living in retirement? Let’s find out in this variation and how it compares to her baseline  Scenario. More Detailed Comparisons With More Charts Get unprecedented insight into how  Andrea paying off properties early with extra cash flow compares to her … Read more