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“The Real Estate Financial Planner™ software not only allowed me to easily see a clear path to financial independence and retiring early but it allowed me to see what the risks were associated with my personal plan. I could see how my investing strategy would perform in up markets and down markets and test changes to my plan to make it overall better. This software is a lifesaver!” — Jassen Bowman, IRS Enrolled Agent and Accountant/CPA Instructor

Simply Modify Common Plan Templates Or Start From Scratch

Choose from dozens of common real estate investing strategy templates and then just modify the starting assumptions to best match your personal situation: buy and hold, Nomad™, house hacking, BRRRR, fix and flip and many more. Or, start completely from scratch and build your own.

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Model Various Market Conditions

What if the market goes up rapidly before you can acquire all the properties you want? What if there is a stock market crash? A real estate market crash? What if the market goes up then down then up then down? Model any market conditions you want.

Model How Your Investments Perform In Various Market Conditions Now

Stocks, Bonds, Small Business and Real Estate… No Problem

Do you invest in stocks and bonds? No problem. Own a small business or have a side hustle? We can model that. What about rental properties, apartments, commercial properties? We have the most sophisticated real estate modeling software available to model and plan for everything all in one place.

Model Stocks, Bonds, Businesses and Real Estate Now… All At The Same Time

Unprecedented Insight Into Your Personalized Plan

Want to see net worth? Cash flow? Time until you achieve your defined financial independence number with a safe withdrawal rate from stocks and net cash flow from real estate? No problem… over 100 different charts for every account, every property, every goal and the scenario summarized as a whole.

Export Interactive Charts as Images – Want to share how your plan will perform with others? Export any of the charts to use in your reports, in email, on your blog, in presentations and more.

Gain Unprecedented Insight Into Your Investments Now

Run What-If Scenarios

What if you pay off your properties with extra cash flow? What if you buy more properties than you need and sell the extra to pay off the remaining properties to boost cash flow? What if you do cash out refis to buy more properties? Use rules to model your investing strategy.

Model What-If Scenarios For Your Investments Now

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