The Cost to Access Equity in Rental Properties

Cost as Percent to Access True Net Equity™ - Remove Negative Values

In Should I Sell My Rental Property? we discussed the concept of True Net Equity™. True Net Equity™ is the equity you’d walk away with if you sold a  Property after all your expenses like closing costs, real estate commissions, depreciation recapture tax and capital gains taxes. But wouldn’t it be important to consider how much you needed to pay to access your True Net Equity™ via a sale? In other words, how expensive was it to access your True Net Equity™? We could measure it in raw dollars and I could show you charts for the Closing Costs When … Read more

Cash Flow from Depreciation™

Cash Flow from Depreciation™ is your gross depreciation times your estimated tax rate. It gives you approximately how much money you expect to receive from a rental property in tax benefits. You can choose to “take” these tax benefits through a larger refund at the end of the year, paying in less taxes at the end of the year or, by adjusting your exemptions on your paycheck, monthly as extra money in your monthly paycheck from your job. See also Return Quadrants™.

Should I Sell My Rental Property?

Return on True Net Equity™ Chart Example

There are the non-mathematical reasons for selling your rental property and then there are the mathematical considers. We will cover both, but first let’s start with the non-math based considerations. Should I Sell My Rental Property? The following is based on my Should I Sell My Rental Property Checklist which I cover in detail in the Should I Sell My Rental? ROTNEQ+R™ class. You need to ask yourself: how do you know when the right time to sell is? It partially depends on a number of factors: Your personal situation… if you NEED the money, you NEED the money. The … Read more

Initial Setup of Your Situation

The following describes two things: A rough outline of the Initial Intake Zoom Meeting when you hire us to do a Your Initial Real Estate Financial Plan™ Consultation, and How we recommend you go about setting up your initial situation in the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software if you’re doing it yourself Time Estimate If you were to hire us, for a typical person with a reasonable number of  Accounts,  Properties and  Rules, the initial intake call will take about an hour. If your situation is complex or you’re doing it yourself and learning as you go, expect it to … Read more

Treasure Chest – Recommended Order When Acquiring Properties

The following is a list of the classes included with the Real Estate Investor Treasure Chest in the recommended order for those that are still acquiring more properties (or even buying your first property). How to Get Your Next Deal Done After Coronavirus How to Get Down Payment Side Hustles: Earn Down Payments Faster – The Amazon Class Real Estate Investor Buying Process Overview Establishing Your Buying Criteria Workshop Buying New Houses as Investments and Nomads™ – If you’re considering buying new construction, this class will be especially helpful. How to Select a Real Estate Agent Finding Amazing Real Estate … Read more