Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet

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The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™Version 2023.01 Subscribe to our substack to have the spreadsheet emailed to you… Watch the Video Overview… All Other Deal Analysis Spreadsheets Are Wrong… If you’re not accounting for: Reserves (including the return you earn on your reserves) All 4 areas of returns (appreciation, debt paydown, depreciation and cash flow) Return on equity (actually your True Net Equity™ after expenses) The cost of accessing equity, and Negative cash flow (if applicable)… …when analyzing deals, then you’re analyzing deals all wrong. The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ is the only spreadsheet that … Read more

Should I Sell My Rental Property?

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There are the non-mathematical reasons for selling your rental property and then there are the mathematical considers. We will cover both, but first let’s start with the non-math based considerations. Should I Sell My Rental Property? The following is based on my Should I Sell My Rental Property Checklist which I cover in detail in the Should I Sell My Rental? ROTNEQ+R™ class. You need to ask yourself: how do you know when the right time to sell is? It partially depends on a number of factors: Your personal situation… if you NEED the money, you NEED the money. The … Read more

How to Buy Your First Investment Property

Are you a buy-and-hold real estate investor, a Nomad™ real estate investor or a house hacker looking to get their first deal done? Whether you’re interested in real estate investing, preparing for your first deal, or even just looking to buy your first home, you’ll find invaluable resources here. There’s a lot to cover before we get your first deal done! Just about every topic covered in this class could be a class unto itself—and many of them are their own classes on our website. Here’s what you can expect to learn here: Create Your Plan: Learn the importance of … Read more

Maximum Cash Flow

I used to offer a Maximum Cash Flow Guarantee™ to clients to help ensure they were getting the absolute highest cash flow on their investment properties. It involved combing my Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™ as described in the Lowest Monthly Payment classes with the strategies I teach for maximizing cash flow in classes like Cash Flow Explosion™. Lowest Monthly Payment Classes Maximum Cash Flow Classes Or, check out our checklists related to cash flow.

Lowest Monthly Payment

We have taught the class on how to get the lowest monthly payment more than once. Here are the class recordings: Class Outline Cash Flow and Cash on Cash Return (with charts) Calculating Cash Flow Lowest Monthly Payment Checklist Minimizing Monthly Payment with Your Lender Strategies if You Own Other Property Strategies When Searching for Homes Strategies When Making Offers

Nomad™ Checklist Outline

The following is an outline of the various Nomad™ checklists that we have. I would suggest using it as a way to get a visual overview of the various systems and processes we have for buying a home (as a Nomad™), living in it for a year then converting it to a rental. Before Buying Process Overview First Meeting with Your Real Estate Broker Paperwork Professional Services Provided Your Real Estate Goals Financing Receive Property Lists Analyze Deals Write Offer During Buying Process Overview First Meeting (considered part of Before) Pre-Showings Qualify with Lender Pre-approval Letter Earnest Money Down Payment … Read more