Nomad™ with House Hacking

Hey there! Welcome to the exciting world of real estate investing. If you’re dreaming of making money while you sleep, you’re in the right place. Real estate investing is like having your very own money tree, except it’s real and can grow bigger and bigger over time. And guess what? It’s totally possible for you, no matter your current situation. In this guide, we’ll dive into a super cool strategy called Nomad™ with House Hacking. It’s fun, it’s smart, and it can help you build wealth while living life on your terms. So, let’s get started on this amazing journey … Read more

House Hacking vs Nomad™

House Hacking vs. Nomad™ Real Estate Investing: An In-Depth Comparison Real estate investment strategies are as varied as the investors who employ them, each offering unique benefits and challenges. Today, we’re diving into two popular strategies: House Hacking and the Nomad™ Real Estate Investing Strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, understanding these strategies can be a game-changer for your portfolio. What is House Hacking? House Hacking involves purchasing a multi-unit property, living in one unit, and renting out the others. This strategy can significantly reduce or even eliminate your living expenses, allowing you to save more towards … Read more

Ep 19: Norm and Norma Buy 10 Nomad™ Properties with House Hack Roommates

Pro Tip: Listen to the podcast below and while you’re listening follow along with the charts below. Then, when you’re done, copy the  Scenario to your own Real Estate Financial Planner™ account to change any of the assumptions. Welcome to the Real Estate Financial Planner™ Podcast. I am your host, James Orr. This is Episode 19. Today we’re going to continue with  Norm and Norma’s story. In the last episode, we went on a tangent and discussed the impact of requiring more reserves before buying additional properties for  Norm and Norma when Nomading™. In this episode, we’re going to talk … Read more

10 House Hacking Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Investors

Interesting in learning about house hacking? How about the top 10 tips (plus a couple bonus tips) on house hacking? Follow James in this special class recorded on March 4, 2021. House Hacking versus Nomad™ House hacking is different than Nomading™. They can overlap… you can house hack while you Nomad™ or Nomad™ while you’re house hacking, but they are distinctly different. House hacking has you rent out part of the property you’re living in. That could be buying a duplex, triplex or fourplex as an owner-occupant and renting out the other units. But it can also mean getting roommates. … Read more