The Ultimate Guide to Buy-and-Hold Investing

Do you dream of financial independence? Early retirement? A comfortable college fund for your kids when they grow up? If you’re willing to be patient, you can build wealth with real estate through buy-and-hold investing. Keep reading to learn more about this strategy from the experts behind the Real Estate Financial Planner™. What Is Buy-and-Hold Investing? A buy-and-hold investor is in it for the long-term gains, not a short-term boost. Instead of acquiring property and trying to sell it for profit within a few years, buy-and-hold investors typically hold on to their investment properties for five to 10 years. While … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to House Hacking

Real estate investing can be daunting, but what if you could benefit from a long-term investment with lower interest rates and immediate rental income? We introduce to you: house hacking. Dive in to learn more about how it works and how Real Estate Financial Planner™ can help you get started. House Hacking versus Nomad™ The Real Estate Financial Planner™ tool is made for buy-and-hold investors, including Nomads™ and house hackers. Learn the differences between our two favorite investment strategies with this two-hour class, and decide for yourself what kind of investor you want to be! Buying 10 Rental Properties In … Read more

Part 3 of 3: Buying 10 Properties with 5% Down Payment as Nomad™ with House Hack or Side Hustle

In this webinar (part 3 of a 3 part series), James will go over how to buy a 10 property portfolio of rental properties with 5% down payment as Nomad™ while house hacking or getting an additional side hustle. House hacking would involve you renting out part of the properties you’re living in. Getting a side hustle would mean working another job to replicate the extra income you might get from house hacking. Use the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software to change the assumptions of the examples we’ve used to be able to model your own investing situation. Use the … Read more