The Ultimate Guide to Buy-and-Hold Investing

Do you dream of financial independence? Early retirement? A comfortable college fund for your kids when they grow up? If you’re willing to be patient, you can build wealth with real estate through buy-and-hold investing. Keep reading to learn more about this strategy from the experts behind the Real Estate Financial Planner™. What Is Buy-and-Hold Investing? A buy-and-hold investor is in it for the long-term gains, not a short-term boost. Instead of acquiring property and trying to sell it for profit within a few years, buy-and-hold investors typically hold on to their investment properties for five to 10 years. While … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Nomad™ Investing

If you’re interested in learning about the best real estate investing strategy ever invented, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about the Nomad™ investing strategy, and explore all its benefits with the Real Estate Financial Planner™ today! How Does Nomad™ Investing Work? Buy a property as an owner-occupant Move in and live there for at least a year (to satisfy the lender occupancy requirement) Buy a new owner-occupant property and move into the new property Convert the previous property to a rental Repeat! Of course, there are lots of variations and details. Here, we’ll go into the … Read more

How to Acquire a Multi-Milli­on Dollar Real Estate Portfolio Starting with Just $3,000

If you’re interested in learning more about how to acquire a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio starting with just $3,000 then you’ve found the right place. Below, please find recordings of live presentations I’ve given based on my popular book of the same title. In the book and classes, I walk you through the process of building your rental portfolio by acquiring your first property using a low or no down payment financing option. Then, use the option fee from a tenant-buyer to purchase the next property using a variation on the Nomad™ investing strategy. Repeat this process to sequentially … Read more