Buying Your First Rental Property

If you’re looking for information on how to buy your first rental property then you’ve definitely found the right place. Check out the videos, training, downloads and resources on how to buy your first rental property. Class Recordings:Getting Your First Deal Done We have several versions of this class that we’ve taught over the years. All of them are available below for you to watch and learn from. Brian taught the most recent version of this class, “Getting Your First Deal Done” on May 8, 2019. This one was recorded live from a presentation given by Brian on October 4, … Read more

Financing 101 – 2016 Edition

How do you finance buying your investment properties? In this class you’ll learn: Why invest in real estate? How do you overcome fear? Real estate is said to be the IDEAL investment (income, depreciation, equity build up, appreciation and leverage) Comparing an early version of the Return on Investment Quadrants™ for the same property without leverage, with leverage and with Nomad™ leverage Nothing down loan programs we can use in our current market The what, how and when of 3.5% down payment FHA financing (for investors) Conventional financing – the financing we can come back to many times as we … Read more