The Ultimate Guide to Gross Operating Income

Want to learn more about Gross Operating Income? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Gross Operating Income where we will start with the basics and dig into more advanced and nuanced discussions.

Gross Operating Income = Gross Potential Income – Vacancy

Gross Potential Income is the most you could possible receive on the rental property if you collected all the income generated on the property. It is defined as:

Gross Potential Income = Rent + Other Income

We define Vacancy as:

Vacancy = Gross Potential Income × Vacancy Percentage

I will be added to this with a future update:

  • Show where GOI is located on the spreadsheet and include images of the spreadsheet
  • Link to the other ultimate guides we have on the other terms
  • Show charts from REFP for 5%, 20% with 1 property and 10 properties comparing them in charts and discussing
  • Show how having irregular income and vacancy can impact Gross Operating Income
  • Show how Gross Operating Income is used in Net Operating Income
  • Show how it is calculated with an example and with REFP charts

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