Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Payments for Rental Properties

If you’re looking to learn more about mortgage payments with an emphasis on mortgage payments for rental properties, then check out our Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Payments for Rental Properties.

If a mortgage payment is on an amortizing loan (a loan that pays off after a certain period of time like a 15-year or 30-year mortgage) then you will want to use an amortization table, excel, google or a business calculator that does amortization calculations to calculate what the payment is.

For example, in Excel the formula is:

Mortgage Payment = PMT(6.5%/12,360,400000,0,0)


  • PMT is the forumal in Excel
  • .0065 is 6.5% annual interest rate
  • 360 is 360 months or a 30-year mortgage
  • 400000 is the amount you’re borrowing… a $400,000 mortgage amount
  • The first 0 is that we are calculating with the final balance being $0
  • The second/last 0 is that we’re calculating interest at the end of the month

Or, go to google and type in “Mortgage Calculator” to get this simple interface:

How to Minimize Your Mortgage Payment to Boost Cash Flow

While the following video is not exclusively about how to minimize your mortgage payment it does discuss that idea quite a bit while discussing how to maximize cash flow overall on your rental properties.

Secondary Input

Mortgage Payment Secondary is considered a secondary input in the Hierarchy of Real Estate Metrics.

It is used to directly calculate Cash Flow Tertiary.

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