Is Nomad™ Dead?!

In this special class, James Orr discusses whether the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy is dead.

This class was taught on June 9, 2021.

Topics discussed include:

  • What prompted this class:
    • Prices are UP... A LOT!
    • Demand is UP... A LOT!
    • Interest rates are DOWN, but not THAT MUCH
    • Rents are UP, but not THAT MUCH
    • Income is UP, but not THAT MUCH
    • Signs suggest inflation is HERE and likely to continue
  • That suggest the question: Is Nomad™ Dead?!
  • Nomad™ Now and Then: a comparison to what was in the original Nomad™ book to what it was at the time of the recording
  • Do you have a better investment to make?
  • You're NOT committing to doing 10!
  • Cash Flow Power Meter™ Now and Then
  • Return in Dollars Quadrant™ Then and Now
  • Return on Investment Quadrant™ Then and Now
  • 5  Scenarios analyzed and compared to see if Nomad™ is dead
  • Speeding it up...
  • Lower price Nomad™
  • Why Nomad™ at all and the alternative
  • Learned helplessness, thinking in probabilities,  Expected Value and examining how you feel in our current investment environment