Crafting Irresistible Real Estate Offers: A Guide for Investors

In the high-stakes world of real estate investing, making an offer isn’t just a step in the process—it’s an art. Each move, from the initial approach to the final handshake, can make the difference between securing a lucrative deal and walking away empty-handed. This guide is your playbook for crafting offers that not only get noticed but get accepted, propelling you towards your investment goals with a happy grin on your face. Negotiating Hard: The Joy of the Deal Imagine stepping away from the negotiating table, not just with a property under contract but with a deal so sweet it … Read more

Unlock Your Real Estate Investing Potential: Introducing “The World’s Best Real Estate Investing Goal Setting Class”

Are you ready to transform your real estate investing journey? Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned investor looking to elevate your game, I’ve got something that will change the way you approach your investments. My name is James Orr, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to the game-changer in real estate education: “The World’s Best Real Estate Investing Goal Setting Class.” Why Goal Setting is Your Secret Weapon In the world of real estate investing, success isn’t just about having capital or knowledge; it’s about setting clear, achievable goals. This is your roadmap, your guiding star in … Read more

What Does Financially Independent Mean?

Wikipedia defines financial independence as: Financial independence is the status of having enough income or wealth sufficient to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others. But, what does that mean more mathematically? And, practically? And, specifically, how does that look different for real estate investors than investors in more traditional stocks, bonds and other asset classes? How I Define Financial Independence My definition of financial independence is a little different. I define it as when the following 3 major sources exceed your personal expenses: 1. Passive Income I … Read more

Real Estate Nomad™ in Your City

This class was taught live by James Orr on Black Friday November 25, 2022. In this class James walks you through the  Baseline Nomad™ for YOUR CITY. He created over 300  Scenarios utilizing a very basic Nomad™ real estate investing strategy but using the home prices, rents, insurance, taxes, income, and goals for someone in that city. Click to Select Your City  Model Of course, you can change any of the assumptions in case your unique situation is different than what he used. Go to the Models page and select your city, then the  Baseline Nomad™ Scenario to follow along … Read more

The Ultimate FIRE Budget

The Ultimate FIRE Budget™

This workshop style class was taught by James Orr on March 31, 2022. Run time is about 1 hour and 13 minutes. Download a copy of the spreadsheet (below) and follow along. What is your current budget? How much do you need to achieve lean FIRE (or the minimum to be financially independent)? How much do you need to achieve fat FIRE (or your ideal lifestyle and true financial independence)? Use The Ultimate Financial Independence Retire Early Budget™ for Excel to determine all these numbers for yourself quickly and easily. Download What Does Financially Independent Mean? For more information, you … Read more

How to Buy a Rental Property

Buying Process Overview

In this special class, James will walk you through how to buy a rental property from the first meeting with your real estate agent through post-closing. About This Class This class is intended to be an OVERVIEW of the process to buy a rental property with the help of a real estate agent/broker. We have separate classes on finding off-market deals and creative financing. It is impossible to cover EVERYTHING in-depth in a single class. Instead, we have detailed classes covering just about EVERY step in this process. Please check the list of classes for more detailed information. Buying Process … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to CapEx on Rental Property

Maintenance and CapEx Estimator for Rental Property - Advanced

CapEx on rental property (also called Capital Expenses) are expenses to replace parts of the property that wear out over time. What’s the difference between CapEx and maintenance? From a tax perspective, capex of less than the “safe harbor” limit of $2,500 per invoice or item can be written off as maintenance on the property in the year they were taken. Some expenses over the $2,500 safe harbor amount will need to be capitalized over the lifespan of the item. Talk to your CPA or read the Internal Revenue Code for more detailed information on the tax treatment of capex. … Read more

Cash Flow Power Meter™

The Cash Flow Power Meter™ is a new way to evaluate rental property cash flow. It presents information we might otherwise see in a Return in Dollars Quadrant™, Return on Equity Quadrant™ or Return on Investment Quadrant™ in a new, simple and powerful way. Before I start explaining what the Cash Flow Power Meter™ is and how we use it, I want to say: if you invest in a real estate market that has positive cash flow, you should absolutely be buying properties with positive cash flow. The need for the Return in Dollars Quadrant™, Return on Equity Quadrant™ and … Read more