Are We in a Bubble? Will the Real Estate Market Crash?

In the blistering hot market of early 2021, James contemplates whether we are in a real estate bubble or not using recent market statistics primarily for Denver, Colorado. In this short market stats class you’ll learn about: Denver Metro Price Appreciation and Denver Metro Per Capita Income charts 30 year mortgage trend and average mortgage payment Mortgage payment as percentage of per capita income Projections for the next 5 years for the charts above How sales mix impacts average price Relationship between price and non-owner-occupant properties The correlation between Denver metro home sales volume and mortgage interest rates Duration: 23 … Read more

Analyzing Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes and Multi-Family

The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ How does deal analysis differ when analyzing single family homes versus condos versus townhomes versus duplexes/triplexes/fourplexes versus apartments? What do you use in The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ for each type of property? In this class you’ll learn: A brief history and detailed walk-through of The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ What’s different and what’s the same when analyzing different types of properties and what the spreadsheet can be used to analyze How Excel experts can “unlock” the spreadsheet and why everyone else does NOT need to … Read more

Asset Allocation Secrets of Real Estate Investors

Rules of thumb exist for folks investing in stocks and bonds (X% in stocks, Y% in bonds based on your age). However, until this class, no great rules existed for those investing in rental properties and other real estate. In this class you’ll learn: What should your asset allocation vary with? Everything has risk. How do you evaluate risk versus reward? Some historically common asset allocation models Traditional asset allocation rules of thumb (for stocks and bonds) Rebalancing your asset allocation and a discussion on frequency of rebalancing A discussion on retirement date risk, sequence of returns risk, portfolio size … Read more

Unleashing the Secret Power of Debt-To-Income for Real Estate Investors

In this special financing class for real estate investors, James reveals the following: What’s a front-end debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and what’s a back-end ratio and how they play out when buying properties as a real estate investor. The formula and how to calculate your own debt-to-income ratio and how to easily find software that will do it for you. What gets included in your debt-to-income ratio and what is excluded. What DTI is and what it is not impacted by and how to optimize it when buying properties as investment. How to deal with weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly and annual income … Read more

Real Estate Investor Loan Comparison Deep Dive

Loan Comparison Table Do you really want to dive deep and truly understand the differences between the loan options available for real estate investors to purchase properties? In this class we will show you how which loan you choose can impact how your investment performs with a thorough comparison of loan options. In this class you’ll learn: This class is intended to supplement the other financing classes we’ve taught (and we’ll try to limit how much we repeat here from there) The amazing loan comparison table with par rates from when we taught the class Comparing owner-occupant loans for Nomads™ … Read more