Making Strong Offers That Get Accepted – Nomad™ 2017 Edition

What makes the difference in getting your offer accepted? Find out what weakens an offer and what strengthens an offer to improve the odds you get the best, most profitable deals.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Negotiating hard and getting offers accepted: walking away with a happy grin on your face
  • Buyer's markets vs seller's markets and how that impacts the offers you make
  • Months of inventory and measure market temperature
  • What to whispering in the seller's agent's ear before making your offer to seduce them into accepting your offer over other offers
  • Walking the performance tight-rope... being sued versus losing earnest money and how to mitigate or eliminate your risk
  • The obviousness of the role of price when getting your offer accepted
  • Some insight into sold price as compared to list price and how to leverage that inside knowledge to your benefit
  • Sold price to list price and how that changes for low-priced, inexpensive properties and high-end, expensive properties
  • Sold price to list price and how that changes based on fresh, exciting, new properties versus stale, old, forgotten properties
  • Sold price is NOT offer price and why this secret info is hard to understand
  • Escalation clauses and not paying more than you have to to get a property
  • Pros and cons of escalation clauses
  • Having to sell another property to buy this property
  • Appraisals and how to make strong offers with appraisals in mind
  • Paying cash or making your strongest offers with financing
  • Super-charge your financed offers with these bonus tips
  • Why down payment size matters when making strong offers and what to do about it (especially if you're trying to buy with little or nothing down)
  • This little-known trick about "available funds"
  • Inspections... keeping your power when seller's want all the power
  • The dangers and benefits of personal letters
  • All the virtuous glory and power of broker letters on your behalf
  • Wielding dates and deadlines like a slash of a sword from a flick of the pen
  • Dealing with occupancy restrictions on multi-family units
  • Using earnest money as a relatively low risk show of strength and confidence
  • What the seller's disclosed and whether to push the issue
  • Your rights to assign your contract
  • What's in a buyer's name? A lot apparently...
  • Doing your due diligence and requesting it from sellers
  • Forcing the issue: accept it now or I'm out of here
  • The fight for seller concessions: worthwhile or folly?
  • The obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of clean, neat, complete, well written offers
  • Don't trigger the alarm... when to obey the local customs
  • Plus much, much more...

Duration: 2 hours and 1 minute
Recorded: March 14, 2017
Instructor: James Orr