Real Estate Nomad™ in Your City

This class was taught live by James Orr on Black Friday November 25, 2022.

In this class James walks you through the  Baseline Nomad™ for YOUR CITY.

He created over 300  Scenarios utilizing a very basic Nomad™ real estate investing strategy but using the home prices, rents, insurance, taxes, income, and goals for someone in that city.

Click to Select Your City  Model

Of course, you can change any of the assumptions in case your unique situation is different than what he used.

Go to the Models page and select your city, then the  Baseline Nomad™ Scenario to follow along with the video above but for YOUR CITY.

This class lays the groundwork for a whole series of future classes, so it is recommended that you go through it.

Summary Charts

After James walks you through the assumptions for  Baseline Nomad™ Scenario, he then summarizes some information about how the  Baseline Nomad™ Scenario performs in all 300+ cities.

For example, here’s a chart showing you how long it would take for someone to achieve financial independence (lead FIRE) doing Nomad™ in each city charted versus the price of properties in that. See the dynamic version of this chart that you can mouse over and see which city each dot is.

The following are similar charts but instead of showing how long it takes to achieve financial independence, it shows their net worth 40 years after starting the strategy. Again, this is plotted against the property prices.

Since that chart is hard to see because there are a few data points where it results in a very, very high net worth… here’s the same chart but excluding anything over $100 million net worth.

These are additional charts explained in the video.

Resources Mentioned During the Class

The following were some of the resources mentioned during the class:

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