The Ultimate FIRE Budget

The Ultimate FIRE Budget™

This workshop style class was taught by James Orr on March 31, 2022. Run time is about 1 hour and 13 minutes. Download a copy of the spreadsheet (below) and follow along. What is your current budget? How much do you need to achieve lean FIRE (or the minimum to be financially independent)? How much do you need to achieve fat FIRE (or your ideal lifestyle and true financial independence)? Use The Ultimate Financial Independence Retire Early Budget™ for Excel to determine all these numbers for yourself quickly and easily. Download

Download Log for Qualified Business Income Deduction with Rental Property

Do you want the Qualified Business Income Deduction with Rental Property for Landlords, then you need to keep a detailed contemporaneous log (that means document it as you do it) documenting the qualified 250 hours you put it managing your properties. In this brief, one-time-only class taught by James and Jassen on January 29, 2021 they discuss what the tax deduction is and what you need to do to be able to get it. According to the IRS: “The taxpayer maintains contemporaneous records, including time reports, logs, or similar documents, regarding the following: (i) hours of all services performed; (ii) … Read more

Interest Rate Buy Down Spreadsheet

Interest Rate Buy Down Spreadsheet

Please login below to download the latest version of Brian’s Interest Rate Buy Down Spreadsheet. Or, create an account to access this premium content. Classes On Buying Down Your Interest Rate The following are the classes that teach you how to use this powerful spreadsheet. Arguably the Best Class of the Year – Part 4Buying Down Interest RatesBuying Down Interest Rates – 2020 EditionImproving Cash Flow by Buying Down Interest RatesOvercoming Hurdles to Real Estate Investing Login