Interest Rate Buy Down Spreadsheet

Trying to figure out whether you should buy down your interest rate? Use Brian and Brendon’s spreadsheet to quickly and easily do the math for making your decision.

This is the latest version, version 3.01, for classes in 2020 and later. It now includes a special spreadsheet from Brendon on how to do an entire Portfolio Optimization for Refinances as well (sheet 3 of the spreadsheet).

Download Version 3.01 of Interest Rate Buy Down Spreadsheet

Previous Spreadsheet Versions

The following is version 2 for classes prior to 2020.

Download Version 2.0 of Interest Rate Buy Down Spreadsheet

Classes On Buying Down Your Interest Rate

Here are the classes on buying down your interest rates (and using this spreadsheet). I’ve ordered them by most current on top to oldest at the bottom.

Other Spreadsheets

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