Real Estate Investing Shocks!

Learn about all the things that shock and surprise real estate investors in this special class recording. Plus, learn how to mitigate and/or completely eliminate these shocks.

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Topics discussed include:

  • What are real estate investing shocks?
  • Dan Sullivan says: If you've got enough money to solve the problem, you don't have the problem.
  • Maybe these shouldn't be shocks...
  • Your Shoe is Untied and How to Deal With Your Real Estate Investing Shocks
  • Reverse Shocks - How Some Shocks Can Be Pleasant Surprises
  • General Mitigation Principles for Dealing with Shocks
  • The Importance of Reserves When Investing in Real Estate
  • The Importance of a Wise Advisor to Guide You
  • The Importance of Studying History for Real Estate Investors
  • The Importance of Having a Backup Plan
  • The Importance of Evaluating Your Risk and Determining Your Personal Comfort Level
  • The Importance of Patience and Managing Your Own Expectations
  • The Importance of Understanding Your Own Circle of Control
  • The Importance of Expected Value
  • Shocks Broken Out By Groups: Before You Buy, Under Contract, Post-Closing, Selling and Extras
  • The Shock of Multiple Competing Offers
  • 10 Tips to Get Offers Accepted In Hot Markets
  • The Shock of Competing Against Cash Offers
  • The Shock of Limited Accessibility to Properties
  • The Shock of Not Having All the Information You Need to Make a Decision
  • The Shock of Changing Interest Rates
  • The Shock of Inspection Issues
  • The Shock of Not Qualifying for Mortgages
  • The Shock of Not Being Able to Get Property Insurance
  • The Shock of Properties Not Appraising
  • The Shock of Title or HOA Issues
  • The Shock of Not Being Able to Get The Rent You Expected
  • Tips on How to Improve Cash Flow
  • The Shock of Undisclosed Issues
  • The Shock of The Seller or Tenant Not Moving Out
  • The Shock of Inadequate Property Insurance
  • The Shock of Price and Rent Drops
  • The Shock of HOA Restrictions Limiting What You Can Do With Your Property
  • The Shock of Your Loan Being Called Due (Creative Financing and Asset Protection)
  • Due on Sale and Due on Transfer Laws
  • The Shock of Not Receiving Offers
  • The Shock of Buyer Backing Out
  • The Shock of Conditional Transaction Chains
  • The Shock of 1031 Exchange Issues
  • Plus much more

This class was recorded to help real estate investors learn about possible unexpected shocks while investing in real estate along with some tips for mitigating and/or completely eliminating these shocks.

Classes and Downloadable Handouts

Mentioned in this class are two additional classes:

Plus included with this class is the following PDF download we typically used in the How to Improve Cash Flow Workshop class.

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Recorded: August 3, 2022
Instructor: James Orr