Marketing to Find Off-Market Deals

Learn how to do marketing to find off-market deals to find creative financing and fixer upper properties as a real estate entrepreneur in this special class recording.

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Topics discussed include:

  • How real estate investors find deals from The Millionaire Real Estate Investor book by Gary Keller et al
  • Why Motivated Sellers? Creative Transactions and Fixer Upper Properties.
  • Where are we in the Real Estate Investor Daily Checklist?
  • 1-Step versus 2-Step Marketing
  • The Importance of Being on the Right Side of the Desk
  • Answering Service Questions and how to make an offer on the first call (to your answering service)
  • How Much to Spend on Marketing Tests?
  • Marketing Beliefs
  • Sifting and Sorting to find the best deals
  • Staying out of the Feast and Famine cycle
  • Looking inside and outside the industry for the best marketing ideas
  • Marketing Modeling Spreadsheet (download available)
  • Target Profit
  • Goals and Metrics
  • Motivated Sellers for Lazy and Poor Folks
  • Lazy Marketing Methods for those with more money than time to find deals
  • Poor Marketing Methods for those with more time to invest in finding deals than money
  • Dan Kennedy's 3 Ms of Marketing: Market, Message and Media
  • Market and info of the best market to pursue
  • Motivated Seller Marketing Headlines (the list)
  • Alternative Marketing Headlines
  • Market to Message Match
  • The importance of making multiple contacts and following up
  • Credibility Packet and Testimonials (including a downloadable sample so you can see one)
  • Commit to Improve Your Response Rate In All Your Marketing
  • Success Ratios: how much work to get a deal from a variety of sources
  • Testing Versus Buying Tested Marketing
  • Sample Elevator Speech
  • Sample Real Estate Investor Business Card (including a special twist used for raising private money)
  • Sample Bandit Signs
  • Adapting to buying from motivated sellers in hot markets (what changes)
  • Why direct mail? Pros and cons.
  • Defining your farm area for direct mail.
  • Mailing List Selection Criteria
  • Mailing List Sources
  • Mailing List Hygiene
  • Direct Mail Marketing Messages (including a number of sample letters and postcards)
  • Direct Mail Marketing Media to use to find deals
  • What name should you use on your marketing?
  • What phone numbers, website, email address and return mailing address should you use on your marketing?
  • Mailing Services
  • Plus much more

This was a live class recorded to help real estate entrepreneurs utilize a variety of marketing strategies to find off-market deals real estate deals including creative financing and fixer uppers.

Downloadable Handouts

Off Market Deal Business Marketing Tracking Spreadsheet
Off Market Deal Business Marketing Tracking Spreadsheet

  • Sample Credibility Packet as PDF
  • Off Market Deal Business Marketing Tracking Spreadsheet for Excel

Also included is access to our database of Real Estate Investing Strategies.

Duration: 1 hour and 51 minutes
Recorded: July 27, 2022
Instructor: James Orr