Overcoming Hurdles to Real Estate Investing

I’ve broken this class up into 6 parts.

Topics discussed include:

  • Part 1 of 6: Introduction
    • What’s preventing you from achieving your real estate goals? For this class, I break it down into 5 major categories
      • Coming up with Down Payments (including closing costs and reserves)
      • Overcoming Negative Cash Flow
      • Qualifying for Loans
      • Finding What’s Missing
      • Inner Game
    • Many of these topics have been their own 2-hour classes by themselves (and I’m sure I’ll revisit them in the future)
    • Riddle of the farmer, chicken, bag of grain and fox: sometimes the solution to your challenges are not linear or obvious
    • Often times there is more than one solution/challenge
    • Will these solutions work for me?
  • Part 2 of 6: Down Payments
    • Strategies to reduce the need for down payments and strategies to produce down payments, closing costs and reserves
    • How to reduce the need for down payments
    • No Down Payment Loans
    • Creative Financing
    • Sources of down payments
      • “Investment Cards” (aka Credit Cards)
      • Security Deposit
      • Maintenance Reserves
      • Property equity (sell, refi, pledge)
      • Depreciation (and other delayed taxes/refunds)
      • Retirement Account
      • Family Members (Legacy Nomad™ or Nomad by Proxy™)
      • Sell stuff you don’t need or want
      • Saving
      • Partnering
      • Rents (including House Hacking)
      • Lease-Option Fees
  • Part 3 of 6: Negative Cash Flow
    • Cash Flow = Income – Expenses
    • Reduce expenses and produce more income
    • Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™
    • Maximum Cash Flow Guarantee™
    • Strategies to Reduce Monthly Payments with Your Lender
    • Strategies if You Own Other Property
    • Strategies When Searching for Homes
    • Strategies When Making Offers
    • Strategies When You Own/Manage Properties
    • Strategies to Maximize Income
  • Part 4 of 6: Qualifying for Loans
    • Overcoming Income Challenges (and Debt-To-Income) to Qualify for Loans
    • Overcoming Credit Challenges to Qualify for Loans
    • Overcoming Loan Spot Limitations for Getting Loans
  • Part 5 of 6: Finding What You’re Missing
    • Finding Deals
    • Building a Dream Team to Support You
    • Finding Partners
    • Finding Tenants
  • Part 6 of 6: Inner Game
    • Making a Commitment to Being Successful
    • Finding Courage to Follow Through on Your Commitment
    • Building the Skills and Capabilities to Be Successful as a Real Estate Investor
    • Overcoming Fear
  • Plus much more

Classes Mentioned

In this presentation James mentions some other classes:

Note: I also call this class “Overcoming Obstacles for Real Estate Investors”. Same class… just me messing up the title (repeatedly).

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