Real Estate Investor Classes By Year

In 2000, with an increasingly successful technology company creating large scale database-driven networks of websites, I called my father. I had some extra money and I was wondering what I should invest that money in.

“Real estate has always been good to us,” he told me.

Armed with that and a very small amount of money from our tech business, I began to study how to invest in real estate. I happened to stumble upon a local investor buying and selling properties creatively in the southern part of Colorado. I paid about $600 to learn what he was doing and began to replicate what he was doing about 120 miles north in my home town in Northern Colorado.

My wife and I partnered with another young couple to help share resources, knowledge and the workload. We saw some small successes and some failures. We learned from our mistakes and made new mistakes. Over time, we got better.

By 2003, we had started to attract the attention of other local real estate investors in our market. They were asking us to grab coffee (which I don’t drink) or lunch to learn about what we were doing, what was working and what wasn’t working.

I’m an introvert. I prefer to eat lunch at Qdoba alone with my iPad reading.

As the requests to share the same information repeatedly increased, my desire to continue to have the same conversation repeatedly declined.

At some point, I told my partners, we should start a little real estate investor networking group so we could share with everyone who wanted to grab coffee or lunch all at one time.

The idea was once-a-month we’d get together and share what we were doing and others could share what was working and not working for them. We called it the Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group and we met at the Old Town Fort Collins public library every 5 weeks. Why every 5 weeks? Because the library’s policy was to limit meetings in their free meeting room and that’s the most frequent we could meet. And, as an introvert, I did not particularly want to meet more frequently anyway.

Fast forward to today. Lots has changed.

We moved from meeting at the library to meeting at restaurants to eventually paying for a meeting room we can meet at weekly to webinars with COVID-19.

The Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group (NCREIG) has become a community of over 1,600 local real estate investors.

The following is a list of the real estate investor classes by year. This should allow you to easily see what we taught and when.

2023 Real Estate Investor Classes

In Q1 of 2023 I stopped publishing classes to this website and instead I am publishing them to our coaching platform and/or the Real Estate Financial Planner™ substack.

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2022 Real Estate Investor Classes

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