Norm and Norma

 Norm and  Norma are  Characters in the Real Estate Financial Planner™ Podcast. Norm and Norma’s Situation Both are 21 years old Recently graduated from college and working in a technology department of a large health care business Married to each other Have a combined $10K saved up Earn $72,000 combined (they each earn $18 per hour * 2,000 hours = $36,000/year each) Saving about $1,000 per month Obsessed about achieving Financial Independence so they can retire early (FIRE) Want to find their best path to financial independence together Both taking social security at age 67 Social security estimated based on … Read more


 Andrea is a  Character in the Real Estate Financial Planner™ Podcast. Andrea’s Past 40 years old Has her accounting degree from Arizona State University Works in accounting for a small manufacturing business Earns about $4,000 per month ($48,000 per year) and that keeps pace with inflation Divorced, single mom with 2 small boys (age 2 and 4) Has $100K saved up including some of the joint proceeds from the sale of a previous home Money is going to be tight supporting her and two kids on just her salary so not a lot to save Wants to be able to … Read more