Norm and Norma

 Norm and  Norma are  Characters in the Real Estate Financial Planner™ Podcast.

Norm and Norma’s Situation

  • Both are 21 years old
  • Recently graduated from college and working in a technology department of a large health care business
  • Married to each other
  • Have a combined $10K saved up
  • Earn $72,000 combined (they each earn $18 per hour * 2,000 hours = $36,000/year each)
  • Saving about $1,000 per month
  • Obsessed about achieving Financial Independence so they can retire early (FIRE)
  • Want to find their best path to financial independence together
  • Both taking social security at age 67
  • Social security estimated based on them working until age 67

They are committed to exploring a variety of strategies to achieve financial independence as quickly as possible with reasonable amount of work and risk.

Podcast Episodes

The following are the podcast episodes for variations of  Norm and  Norma’s story.

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