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These are the checklists related to Writing Offer.

These are tasks that are part of the discussion of what you'll want to know to make an offer when you're ready. We typically go over the basics at the first meeting with your Real Estate Broker when buying a Nomad property.

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  1. Complete "Writing Offer" checklist
  2. Complete "Writing Offer: Pre-Offer Due Diligence" checklist
  3. Complete "Writing Offer: Strategize" checklist
  4. Complete "Writing Offer: Info Required" checklist
  5. Complete "Writing Offer: Draft Offer" checklist
  6. Complete "Writing Offer: Review Offer" checklist
  7. Complete "Writing Offer: Sign Offer" checklist
  8. Complete "Writing Offer: Present Offer" checklist
  9. Complete "Writing Offer: Negotiate Offer" checklist