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Torrance Real Estate Agents & Lenders Wanted

If you're a Torrance real estate agent, lender or other professional that wants to add value and work with our real estate investor website visitors and podcast listeners... welcome!

Check out the video describing our first year of the podcasts...

Book a 15 minute discovery call to discuss how we might collaborate together.

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Collaborations: What We Can Bring To The Table

As discussed in the video above, the following are a small sampling of what we might be able to bring to the table with a possibly collaboration:

  • Real Estate Financial Planning™ Software and Modeling
  • Done-For-You Podcast Content - Step into what we’ve already done with our podcasts.
  • Class Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • 88 Strategies to Improve Cash Flow including Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™ and Maximum Cash Flow Guarantee™
  • Unique Intellectual Property incluying Nomad™, Return Quadrants (Various Flavors), True Cash Flow™, True Equity™, Return on True Net Equity™, Price Resiliency™, Rent Resiliency™, Bond-Like Real Estate Equity™, Cash Flow Power Meter™, Cash Flow from Depreciation™, Deal Alchemy™, Equity Allocation™, The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Retirement Plan™
  • Plus much more...

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Collaborations: What You Might Bring To The Table

In the video, we suggested maybe the following as possible things you might bring to the table for a collaboration:

  • Local Torrance market knowledge - I am NOT an expert at Torrance market and we could use help improving our assumptions (so I can rerun our models and have them be more accurate).
  • Marketing of Torrance podcasts, modeling - Grow Torrance podcast to at least 100 subscribers (ideally a lot more).
  • JV partners for Magical Referral Experience™ - Amazing Real Estate Agent that works with investors in Torrance to work referrals and can help with local market knowledge and investing nuances for their Torrance
  • Sponsors for Torrance - Advertise them on podcast and city page, exclusivity for them, provide them with some of our unique IP and tools.

Of course, we're possibly open to other collaboration opportunities as well. Book a call to discuss.

Book 15 Minute Call

Looking forward to discussing with you how we might better server our real estate investor website visitors and podcast listeners in Torrance.