Crafting Irresistible Real Estate Offers: A Guide for Investors

In the high-stakes world of real estate investing, making an offer isn’t just a step in the process—it’s an art. Each move, from the initial approach to the final handshake, can make the difference between securing a lucrative deal and walking away empty-handed. This guide is your playbook for crafting offers that not only get noticed but get accepted, propelling you towards your investment goals with a happy grin on your face. Negotiating Hard: The Joy of the Deal Imagine stepping away from the negotiating table, not just with a property under contract but with a deal so sweet it … Read more

Funding College Through Real Estate: A Strategic Guide for Parents

As the cost of college tuition skyrockets, many parents are left wondering how they can afford to send their children to university without plunging themselves into deep financial turmoil. Interestingly, an often overlooked but highly effective strategy is investing in rental properties. This approach not only offers a lucrative avenue for generating income but also provides a flexible financial tool for managing college expenses. Let’s dive into how leveraging real estate investments can pave the way for your child’s educational future. Start Early: The Power of Long-term Investment Imagine buying a rental property when your child is still in their … Read more

Navigating the Waves of Mortgage Interest Rates in Real Estate Investing

In the thrilling journey of real estate investing, understanding the impact of mortgage interest rates is akin to mastering the art of sailing in fluctuating seas. For investors, especially those leveraging the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy, the rate at which you borrow money can significantly influence your financial performance and investment strategy. The Essence of Nomad™ Investing Before we dive into the depths of interest rates, let’s unpack the Nomad™ investing strategy. Nomad™ is a real estate investment approach where an investor purchases a property with the intention of living in it as their primary residence for a period … Read more

Mastering Multi-Family Deals with the Nomad™ Investing Strategy

Embarking on the journey of real estate investment, especially within the realm of multi-family properties like duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes, requires a blend of courage, knowledge, and the right tools. Today, we’re diving deep into how you can analyze a multi-family deal using the revolutionary Nomad™ real estate investing strategy. Plus, we’ll introduce a game-changing tool: The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™. Understanding the Nomad™ Strategy The Nomad™ strategy is not just about investing; it’s about smart investing. It involves purchasing a property with the intention of living in one unit and renting out the others. This approach … Read more

Low-ball Offer Case Studies – Nomad™ 2017 Edition

How likely are you to be able to low ball a seller and get your offer accepted? How low can you go? Does it matter what time of year it is (seasonality)? Does it matter how long the property has been listed prior to me making my offer? Does it matter if it is a low priced property or an expensive property? Find out all about low ball offers in this special class. In this class you’ll learn: Why what Warren Buffet says about fair prices and wonderful prices applies to buying properties too What is sold price to list … Read more

Financing Nomad™ 101 – Nomad™ 2017 Edition

How do you finance buying your investment properties? In this class you’ll learn: Real estate is said to be the IDEAL investment (income, depreciation, equity build up, appreciation and leverage) Comparing an early version of the Return on Investment Quadrants™ for the same property without leverage, with leverage and with Nomad™ leverage Nothing down loan programs we can use in our current market The what, how and when of 3.5% down payment FHA financing (for investors) Conventional financing – the financing we can come back to many times as we acquire more properties The pros and cons of portfolio lenders … Read more