What Does Financially Independent Mean?

Wikipedia defines financial independence as: Financial independence is the status of having enough income or wealth sufficient to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others. But, what does that mean more mathematically? And, practically? And, specifically, how does that look different for real estate investors than investors in more traditional stocks, bonds and other asset classes? How I Define Financial Independence My definition of financial independence is a little different. I define it as when the following 3 major sources exceed your personal expenses: 1. Passive Income I … Read more

Why You Still Might Want to Invest in Real Estate Despite High Prices, High Interest Rates, and Lagging Rents

Despite high real estate prices, high interest rates, and lagging rents, real estate investment may still be a viable option due to the potential to build up an asset and convert to free and clear properties, as well as other strategies to improve cash flow. This class was taught live by James Orr on January 5, 2023. In this class James discusses: Why the First $100K Is The Hardest Return Quadrants™ and how that can help you achieve your first $100K and first million Some real estate financial modeling