Improving Cash Flow by Buying Down Interest Rates

Interest Rate Buy Down Spreadsheet One way to improve cash flow is to consider buying down your interest rate. This can be done when purchasing properties or when you refinance a property. In this class you’ll learn: The terminology you’ll need to know when talking to a lender about buying down your interest rate during either a purchase or a refinance (after you own it) The types of refinances and the differences between them Considering your best options for what to do with extra money when buying properties (more down payment, invest in something else, buying down interest rates, etc) … Read more

Looking at Profitable Investment Properties Tips and Tricks

You’ve been receiving new property listings from your real estate agent and you’ve finally found one that looks interesting. In this class, we will go over the best tips and tricks when looking at investment properties. In this class you’ll learn: The process for requesting showings with your real estate agent/broker (and what happens behind the scenes) What your agent/broker will need to be able to schedule a showing Insider secrets and a tour of the MLS listing sheet including info you never knew was on it What’s the difference between the MLS listing sheet you get and the one … Read more

Advanced Real-Time Deal Analysis with Brian’s New, Improved Spreadsheet

The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ Learn how to use The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ to analyze real estate deals in this class. Which deal would you do? (and the important of normalizing your deal to deal comparison) Seller concessions – what are they and should you roll them in when buying properties? Defining deal analysis terminology Finding properties to analyze How will I know what a property will rent for? Real-time deal analysis using The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ Knowing your goals and analyzing deals with your goals in mind What … Read more

Finding Amazing Real Estate Investor Deals

Selecting the right property is critical to your success as a buy-and-hold real estate investor, Nomad™ or house hacker. That’s why you need to know how to find amazing real estate investor deals. In this class you’ll learn: What are the characteristics that are important when finding deals? Focusing on detached properties or are condos and townhomes the way to go? Single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes or is it worth taking on the additional risks associated with commercial financing for 5+ units? Age and effective age and why it is important to consider these factors or pay the price … Read more

Amazing Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Estimated Monthly Payments – All Loans How do you finance buying your investment properties? In this class you’ll learn: Lender selection – going beyond just the lowest cost Different lenders, different loan programs – not all lenders are the same A brief discussion of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) as it applies to investors and Nomads™ (see full class on Private Mortgage Insurance for the 2 hour version) What financing is Nomad™ approved and which to avoid Nothing down loan programs we can use in our current market A brief discussion of funding fees Down payment assistance programs The what, how … Read more

Arguably the Best Class of the Year – Part 2

Some topics are too short to be their own full two-hour class, but too important not to cover. We combine several mini-topics into one class that we call “Arguably the Best Class of the Year”. Part 2 What is the ROI on paying down debt on your properties? How to payoff your mortgages faster using a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Insights to investing $100K What are the differences between the wealthy/rich and the poor? Duration: 1 hour and 55 minutes Recorded: September 27, 2017 Instructor: James Orr and Brian Williams Arguably The Best Class of the Year Here … Read more