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Showings is all about looking at homes to buy. It is the third step in the Buying Process Overview.


The Showings process is shown visually below.


The Showings stage consists of the following steps with brief explanations of what is included in each step:

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Complete "Showings: Request Showing" checklist

Complete the "Showings: Request Showing" checklist:

ShowingsShowings: Request ShowingUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8

  1. Request Showing – To look at homes you’ll usually need to let me know that you want to see the home and I’ll request the showing.
  2. Buyer Tour – I’ll usually email over a packet of information about the homes we’re scheduled to see. This is called the Buyer Tour.
  3. MLS Sheet – Plus, I’ll usually bring with me copies of the MLS sheet when we get together to look at homes.
  4. Looking at Houses – In this stage, I’ll discuss what we do when we’re looking at houses.

Looking at Properties Classes

Here are some classes we have about looking at properties:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This checklist is based on what I personally use with clients in Northern Colorado. Please rely on your local real estate agent for how it works in your local real estate market. This process will definitely vary in different States.

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