The Most Amazing Financial Independence Book Ever Written?

RE: How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live Your Passion Regardless of Age or Income

You’ve never read a book like this.

It is the most profound, detailed, and exciting book on how to achieve financial independence… ever written.

Bold claims, I know, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can download it for free today and see for yourself!

Financial Independence book interior pages .pdf download

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A Gift From Father to Son

This book began as a gift to my eldest upon his college graduation. Between graduating college with a degree in software engineering and starting his first career-path job, my son asked me over a beer and a burger how he could achieve financial independence and live his passion like he’d seen me and his mother do.

There was only so much I could share with him in an hour or so. I told him about the 4% rule and about saving and investing. But there was so much more to say, and honestly, there is no way he could remember it all in one sitting. So I told him I’d write it down for him and show him the math for a variety of ways to accomplish financial independence.

And I did.

Over the next several months, I wrote and wrote and wrote. In March of 2019, I had finished the book, and I sent the first copy to my son. He loved it, and I cried a little at being able to share it with him.

My Jerry McGuire Moment

I also published the book to Amazon thinking others might be interested in it.

Six months later, I had an epiphany: I wasn’t publishing the book for the money. I don’t need the money. I’d like more money, but I don’t need it, and the information is too important to let a couple shekels in my pocket stand between getting the word out to others seeking financial independence — others just like my son — from getting that information.

I decided to make the book available for free, in its entirety, on my website. You can download it now using the big green button above.

No Exaggeration

I’ve told you it is, far and away, the most profound, the most detailed, the most exciting book on how to achieve financial independence… ever.

I am not known for hyperbole, so I hope that when I tell you that, you understand. When I say it’s the best book on financial independence ever, that is an understatement. Not quite as much of an understatement as “I love charts,” as you will soon discover, but it’s close…very close.

The whole book is available for you to see for yourself. Just click and download the whole thing. We don’t ask for payment or for you to pay for shipping/handling or anything like that. Just email you the entire PDF of the book!

If you want to support more writing, you can purchase a full-color copy or an e-book copy via Amazon, you can do so using the button below!

Anyway… the whole book is available for you to see for yourself, for free by downloading it above. Just click and download the whole thing… no credit cards, no “just pay for shipping and handling”… just “nothing but book” (baby)!

Order Your E-Book or Full-Color Copy on Amazon

Pay It Forward

It is a bummer that some movie stars can’t behave themselves, because I really enjoyed the movie “Pay It Forward.”

Regardless, if you want to “pay it forward” and share this book with others after you’ve proven to yourself just how un-freak-ing-believably amazing it really is, share this page!

Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers

I am a real estate broker myself in Northern Colorado, and there is not a better book out there on how to achieve financial independence to share with your clients. Feel free to send out an email to your clients and share the book with them. They’ll thank you for it.

Real Estate Investors

This is the book on modeling your investing strategy that you’ve been waiting for. Share it with others on real estate investing forums or share it with your family and friends so they can see the math for themselves. You’re not crazy! This stuff works! Now you can model your own numbers and plan for yourself quickly and easily.

Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE) People

You really are “my people”! With this book, you can now see exactly how your plan might play out. Test your assumptions and live your passion. Share your own results in your favorite forums and blogs.


I’d appreciate you sharing what you think about the book, good or bad, and linking to this page so others can discover it for themselves if you’re willing.

Thank you all in advance. Leave a comment below and I will try to reply to each one.

Love always,

James Orr
October, 2019

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