9 Nastiest Nomad™ Mistakes

I'm not perfect. Nor are other real estate investors and Nomads™.

Here are the 9 nastiest Nomad™ mistakes.

This class was taught on December 16, 2020 by James via webinar.

Here are the mistakes covered:

  1. Wrong Financing
  2. Wrong Property Type (SFH, Condos, Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex)
  3. Wrong Property (Location, Layouts, Obsolescence, Cap Ex)
  4. Refinancing Errors
  5. Wrong Team (Agent, Lender, Inspector, Property Manager)
  6. Shiny Object Syndrome (and not starting soon enough, flipping, wholesaling when you should Nomad™ in parallel at the beginning, losing motivation and stalling)
  7. Not Optimizing Cash Flow (Income, Expenses, Leases including Timing)
  8. Analysis Paralysis
  9. Unrealistic Expectations
  10. Under Capitalized (Reserves)

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