Don’t Steal My Stuff

The Real Estate Financial Planner LLC and/or James Orr may, from time to time show and/or provide tools, downloads and other materials.

For example (but not limited to), The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™.

What You Can Do

In cases where you are provided these downloads, you are granted a personal, non-transferable, revocable license to use those materials for your own personal use.

What You Can’t Do

Here’s a limited, not exhaustive, list of things you cannot do with them:

  • Give them away (even if it is for free)
  • Claim that you made them
  • Modify them
  • Use them as a starting point to create your own version
  • Sell them
  • Share them with a friend (encourage your friend to get them directly from us instead)
  • Include them in a package of other things you’re selling or giving away
  • Provide them to clients (for free or paid)
  • Include them as part of any of your own work product

Don’t Steal My Stuff License

We refer to this license as “Don’t Steal My Stuff”.

Extended Licenses Available

We do offer, for a fee, other licenses that allow you to do additional stuff with my stuff. For example, real estate agents that are actively paying for our Ultimate Investor’s Agent program get a vastly improved license to be able to customize and use our materials in their business and offer our stuff to their clients (their client’s still have the “Don’t Steal My Stuff” license).


Did someone send you a copy of something of ours? Want to earn a quick $10K? Just email James Orr from our help page and when we collect an extended licensing fee and/or criminal penalties from them, we’ll share the fees we collect with you on a 50/50 basis up to $10,000 to you just for helping us protect our stuff and punish thieves that steal our stuff.

Anti-Theft Devices

We use a variety of anti-theft devices of both low and high tech to protect our intellectual property. Here are just a few examples:

  • We pick a random cell in our excel spreadsheets to hide a specific text/number like a fingerprint in case people try to modify our spreadsheets and pass them off on their own… we can just look for the cell (which is well outside the normal viewing area) and find the cell with our specific text/number fingerprint.
  • We also pick a random cell in our excel spreadsheets and make a cell a specific color. One very close to white so that you wouldn’t be able to visually see it, but that if you go to that cell and look at the color, you know that it was based on our existing spreadsheet.
  • We sometimes name our variables unique names like REFP_InterestRate.
  • We can also create distinct versions for each person downloading it and tie that version to their email. So, if we find the spreadsheet being shared publicly we can determine WHO downloaded it and shared it.
  • We digitally sign our files with author (usually James Orr) and company ownership (usually Real Estate Financial Planner LLC and/or James Orr).
  • And quite a bit more…

So, if you’re considering “starting with our spreadsheet” as a baseline and then editing them, that is explicitly not allowed. And yes… it will be easy for us to determine.