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SS 002 Investing $100,000 in Stocks at 8.97%/yr and Earning and Spending $5,000/mo

You have a stock market account that has $100,000 invested at the start. It is earning 8.97% per year fixed and that does not change. You are earning $5,000 per month with an effective tax rate of 18.84% and you are spending every penny of your earnings and not saving anything at all.

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  • 2  Accounts (including  Default Cash Account)
  • 0  Properties
  • 1  Rules

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  • Modeled for 720 months (60 years)
  • 18.84% effective income tax rate
  • 3% inflation rate
  • 4.875% mortgage interest rate
  • 4% yearly safe withdrawal rate (SWR)
  • $5,000 minimum target monthly income in retirement (MTMIR) in today's dollars
  • $20,000 ideal target monthly income in retirement (ITMIR) in today's dollars


Summary of assumptions for the Account in this Scenario.

  • Account Name:  $100,000 Invested in VTSMX at 8.97%/year
  • $100,000 starting account balance
  • 8.97% yearly rate of return (at start)
  • Asset Type: Stocks


This scenario has no Properties.


These are the Rules included with this Scenario.

Paycheck and Personal Expenses

  • This  Rule runs for the entire  Scenario.
  • Depositing both your paycheck and pulling expenses out of the same  $100,000 Invested in VTSMX at 8.97%/year.
  • Both paycheck and personal expenses will be Inflation Adjusted.
  • Gross paycheck is $5,000 Inflation Adjusted.
  • Assuming a tax rate of 18.84% on your paycheck.
  • Net paycheck (after taxes) is $4,058 Inflation Adjusted per month.
  • The paycheck will stop when they reach "Financial Independence" (goal of Minimum Target Monthly Income in Retirement achieved).
  • Personal expenses are $4,058 Inflation Adjusted per month.

Significant Events

These are the  Significant Events for this Scenario.

  • Month 579  Achieved Financial Independence Goal