Written Nomad Goals

I’m sure he’ll be fine, but recently I’ve been thinking about my younger son Timmy’s future. He’s 17 and I worry a little that he doesn’t have specific goals he’s working toward achieving.

Most resources on setting and achieving goals talk about the importance of writing down your goals, reviewing them often and taking immediate action toward their achievement.

Written Nomad Goals

With that in mind, I’m going to share some possible written goals you may want to adopt as a Nomad. These may change depending on your specific situation, but you can use them as a starting point.

Possible Nomad Goals

  • I will buy my first Nomad property within the next 90 days relying on the expertise of my local Nomad real estate agent and lender sponsor
  • I will live there for a year and improve my knowledge of the Nomad process during that first year by attending local Nomad Investor Club meetings and other Nomad resources
  • 90 days prior to my first year anniversary, I will begin qualifying for the loan for my second property and start looking for my next Nomad property
  • 60 days prior to my first year anniversary, I will begin marketing my property as a rental
  • 30 days prior to my first year anniversary, I will have my tenant lined up and be under contract to buy my second Nomad property
  • In subsequent years, I will continue to educate myself and become a better landlord and Nomad
  • I will repeat the process until I have the desired number of rental properties in my portfolio to be able to travel as I wish, retire in comfort and give to the people and organizations I love

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