What are Significant Events?

The Real Estate Financial Planner™ software is refreshingly complicated; you don’t just enter in a few numbers into a web form and have the screen spit back a few calculated numbers in return. The Real Estate Financial Planner™ software is almost an investing programming language where you can program in your investing strategy and have the Planner™ run the results of your various Scenarios.

Because these Scenarios can be complicated especially for a newer user to interpret the results we developed special software that takes the results of the Scenario you programmed to model your specific Accounts, Properties, Rules and Goals and creates a narrated summary of what happened.

We call these narrated summaries of Scenarios: Blueprints™.

When narrating your Scenario as a Blueprint™, how do we know what is important enough to narrate? What qualifies as something important enough to show you Charts and describing what is going on in those Charts for your Accounts, Properties, Rules and Goals in that Scenario?

Anything that we believe is worthy of narrating about in Blueprints™ is what we refer to as a Significant Event.

A Significant Event is really just something important that happened during your Scenario that we’d like to narrate when we show you the Blueprint™.

Some examples of Significant Events are:

  • Buying a new Property
  • Selling an existing Property
  • Paying off a Property
  • Achieving 100% of a Goal you set

Significant Event

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