What are Creative Real Estate Investors and Why Work with Creative Real Estate Investors as a Real Estate Agent

Creative real estate investors are looking for creative financing deals. These deals involve buying properties using less common financing options like:

Creative Financing
Creative Financing
  • Owner Financing
  • Wrap Financing
  • Loan Assumption
  • Rent To Own, Lease To Own, Lease Option, and Lease Purchase
  • Agreement For Deed, Bond For Deed, Contract For Deed, Installment Land Contract
  • Subject To

Most creative real estate investors will be seeking these types of deals outside the MLS. While markets shift and change making some of these creative strategies appear inside the MLS from time-to-time, our current real estate market makes these types of transactions rare to non-existent inside the MLS. So, except for the same reasons I discussed with bird dogs and wholesalers, many real estate agents will opt not to focus on working with creative real estate investors.

Just like with bird dogs and wholesalers though, you can be a resource for creative real estate investors in exchange for getting access to unconverted seller leads which might become listings or buyers for you.

While we have done some classes on these topics in our investor group, it is not a common topic and not one I’d recommend you focus on teaching as it does not tend to attract your ideal types of real estate investor clients.

Often creative real estate investors are seeking these types of deals because they’re unable to qualify for financing and/or do not have the capital to invest in real estate traditionally. There are some creative real estate investors that both have the ability to qualify for financing and have adequate funds to do more traditional financing but opt to invest creatively to be able to acquire more properties, faster and, often times, with instant equity. I’d typically refer to these folks as real estate entrepreneurs and not real estate investors. They’re in the business of acquiring and renting and/or selling properties as an entrepreneur and not as an investor seeking more passive investments.

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