Real Estate Financial Planner
Detailed, Customizable Financial Plans For Real Estate Investors

For years financial advisors and financial planners charged thousands of dollars to create custom financial plans that focused primarily on securities like stocks and life insurance. If you owned real estate, it was listed—almost as an afterthought—as a footnote under assets (with their associated mortgages listed as liabilities).

You wouldn't tolerate a medical doctor that only evaluated you from the waist down, so why would you tolerate a financial planner that only planned for half your investments. It should be a crime for a financial professional to ignore your real estate holdings or relegate them to a footnote of your assets and liabilities columns.

With the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software you can do sophisticated modeling of Properties like single family homes (both owner occupant and rental properties), duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes as well as apartment buildings. Evaluate how changes in rents, appreciation, mortgage balances and more impact your overall financial picture and retirement planning.

Model a variety of Accounts like bank accounts, stock market investments, retirement accounts, bonds, stocks and much more.

Create basic or advanced Rules to model changes in your investments over time. For example, use Rules to pay off Properties early or use cash out refinances to purchase additional rental Properties. Buy Properties when your stock investment Account has enough for your cash reserves and the next down payment. Plus, much, much more.

Blueprints Are Narrated Plans

With the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software we can create extremely detailed narratives describing exactly how a plan performs over time. When we narrate a plan, we call that a Blueprint™ and we've pre-created a number of Blueprints™ for you in advance for you to review.

If you find a plan that you're interested in looking at in more detail or changing the assumptions to better match what you're considering implementing yourself or for a client, copy the Accounts, Properties and Rules (which we call a Scenario) into the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software with a Free Account (or Login if you already have a free account).

Once you've copied a Scenario into your own Real Estate Financial Planner™ account, you can modify each Account, Property and Rule or drill deep into a number of Charts.

Check out the 10 most recently created Blueprints™ below to start.

Search and filter through all Blueprints™ to find the ones you're looking for.

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