This page has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

The following is a list of recent updates presented in reverse chronological order that we’ve made to the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software.

Three reminders:

  1. Focus on adding value to our users
  2. Remember we have 100 quarters to get everything done
  3. Measure how much progress we’ve made, not how far we have yet to go

Recent Updates

October, 2018

  • Changed how you can define when Rules start and stop so that you can now use either Dates or Months into the Scenario. We are doing this because we are about to release Rule Sets which are groups of Rules and you will need to define when they start and stop using Months.
  • Removed the Scenario timer at the bottom of the edit Scenario page since it was causing much longer page load times.
  • Fixed some database issues and display issues resulting from adding the Already Owned.
  • Added new Scenario variable Mortgage Interest Rate. Eventually, we will give you the option to use this instead of assigning an interest rate to a specific Property. We will also use this for adjustable rate mortgages and refinances.
  • Moved the “to do” part of this list to a private project management system.
  • Added a new Rule to be able to better model Market Corrections that will allow you to determine how frequent Market Corrections happen and what Accounts and Properties the Market Corrections affects.
  • Added the ability for Premium users to add Already Owned Property. This is a special feature to allow people to add Properties to the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software that starts mid-loan.
  • For Monte Carlo Rules we now show a chart with about 5,000 sample data points to show the distribution Chart.
  • Improved the way we display Goals and added a list of Goals to the bottom of the Scenarios page when editing a Scenario.

September, 2018

  • Improved the way we displayed Properties and Rules.
  • Attempted to optimize page load by only loading Highcharts on pages that use Highcharts.
  • Improved the way we display the Accounts page.
  • Upgraded website design.
  • Added the ability for Premium users to be able to see the difference between two EV Charts for Scenarios by plotting the difference between the two on a second Y axis.
  • Added the ability for Premium users to Chart EV for more than one Monte Carlo Scenario.
  • Added the ability for Premium users to Chart EV with Monte Carlo now.
  • Added the ability for Premium users to save EV for Monte Carlo. EV is the average of the Monte Carlo values which I will write a detailed blog post about soon.
  • Added the ability for Premium users to view Monte Carlo Charts for Properties.
  • Added the ability for Premium users to view Monte Carlo Charts for Accounts.
  • Improved how we queue a Scenario to rerun. Instead of deleting all the old Scenario data when the user sets the Scenario to rerun, the deleting of the old data happens when it starts to rerun.
  • Fixed Charts in Blueprints™ that got broken when moving to new server.
  • Added Monte Carlo Charts for Scenarios.
  • Fixed error with Rule that can be used to assign values to Accounts
    and Properties like modeling stock market rates of return or various types of appreciation or rent appreciation.
  • Fixed error when displaying the highest minimum income required to complete the entire Scenario.
  • Significantly modified code for processing Scenarios to make it process faster and more consistently.
  • Updated server with more memory, more CPUs and more hard-drive space.
  • Added all the Resiliency™ terms to my list of Trademarks.
  • Split Blueprints™ into sections to make the page load faster and more efficiently (especially since we will be adding a lot more Significant Events in the future).
  • Added what number of your Goals that you achieved for the Scenario on the Scenario list page. For example, Achieved 4/5 Goals.
  • Improved the formating and presentation of Scenarios to be better on variable screen sizes including mobile.
  • Changed how we create Blueprints™ by setting them up using their own, separate queue like Scenarios.
  • Improved how we display the Down Payment Percent/Dollar, Closing Costs Percent/Dollar and Seller Concessions Percent/Dollar pairs when editing a Property to make it clearer that if you use the percent, we ignore the dollar one. If you leave the percent blank and enter a dollar amount, we use that instead.
  • Cleaned up issue with Account Ledger to prevent it from subtracting zero dollars from Default Cash Account when fractions of a penny remained.
  • Removed buttons for editing and removing the Default Cash Account and for the edit Scenario page since you can’t edit or remove the Default Cash Account from Scenarios. Previously, they were just disabled so you could not click on them.
  • Fixed issue with Account Ledger where it was not displayed the Cash Account correctly.
  • Fixed link to website when editing a Scenario that allows you to estimate your effective tax rate.
  • Improved processing of Scenarios so that they get queued and then run automatically in the background.
  • Added new transactional email system.
  • Moved application to new, more easily scalable servers. Fixed a large number of issues related to moving to new server; there are a lot more to do.
  • Improved Goals code to be able to choose multiple Goals and/or multiple Scenarios (for Premium) when viewing Charts. This allows Users to easily compare multiple Goals for multiple Scenarios at the same time.
  • Updated code to confirm ownership of Scenarios before displaying Charts for Scenarios, Accounts and Properties.
  • Renamed all database tables and updated all code to new database table names so they would backup with new, second off-site backup service.
  • Added more Blueprints™.
  • Improved viewing Scenario Charts by allowing User to select which Scenarios they want to include in the Charts.
  • Improved how we list out Blueprints™ when filtering them so they especially appear better on smaller screens like phones and tablets.
  • Fixed several parts of Blueprints™ that were not working properly since we switched to the new server.
  • Added logs for the number of Scenarios made and, separately, number run plus logs for number of Accounts, Properties, Rules and Goals made.
  • Added ability to track number of logins (and who logged in).

August, 2018

  • Checks to make sure the Scenario is owned by the User or a Blueprint™ when displaying a Goal Chart.
  • Added ability to view multiple Scenarios on the Goals chart.
  • Restricted access to Monte Carlo based on maximum number when editing Scenario
  • Improved UI for Charts and Goals
  • Fixed the way we calculated the Initial Balance for Accounts that do not have a specific Open Date
  • Added very basic, incomplete Account Ledger to track all income and expenses for a particular Account.
  • RealEstateFinancialPlanner.com email working.
  • Created Copy Scenario functionality for copying Blueprints™ to edit.
  • Setup email addresses for the new domain name including support. Updated support email in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Setup new domain name RealEstateFinancialPlanner.com and forced it to always use SSL
  • Replaced refp.io with RealEstateFinancialPlanner.com on Updates, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages. Make sure I am using https.
  • Since we expect this business will ultimately be acquired or purchased and our acquirer will likely want to use Google Analytics for tracking website stats, we’ve installed Google Analytics.
  • Setup CDN on server with new domain
  • Updated Blueprints™ to use RealEstateFinancialPlanner.com URL
  • Added Goals charts
  • Created Goals page and added links to to sidebar and top menu
  • Created a new table for Goals
  • Updated maximum Scenarios, Accounts, Properties, Rules and Folders.
  • Updated Folders code base
  • Added reset for Blueprint™ cache when re-running a Scenario
  • Added code to save new Blueprint™ cache immediately after re-running a Scenario
  • Created cache for Blueprints
  • Setup the core Blueprints™ code base
  • Setup Charts code base
  • Setup timer charts for monitoring Scenario processing
  • Setup Scenario processing code base
  • Setup Rules code base
  • Setup Property code base.
  • Added redirect to previous page on login/registration page.
  • Setup Account code base.
  • Installed custom logo on registration page. May improve this in the future.
  • Setup Scenario code base.
  • Moved Scenario, Account, Property, Rule pages and created placeholders for other pages like Goals, Charts, Blueprints™ and help.
  • Added Terms and Conditions page
  • Added Privacy Policy page
  • Uploaded icon images for Scenarios, Accounts, Properties, Rules and Blueprints™, Goals, Significant Event, Charts and Monte Carlo.
  • Add link to this Updates page to footer of use
  • Added key plugins
  • Moved website to refp.io domain name as we await the setup of RealEstateFinancialPlanner.com domain name on the hosting account.