The Ultimate Nomad™ Checklist

This is the Ultimate Nomad Checklist™. Select which week you'd like to see the tasks for.

Week 64

These are the tasks for Week 64 of the Ultimate Nomad Checklist™.

Determine your Photographer

You will want a Photographer to take professional photos of the property while it is vacant before you move in if this is a Nomad property or before a tenant moves in if this is a partnership purchase or a non-owner-occupant purchase.

We recommend that you have photos taken right after you close before you move in in almost all cases. You will use these photos when you're marketing the property to rent.

Ask your Real Estate Broker for a recommendation.

Mark this task as complete once you've decided which Photographer you will use to take photographs of the property after you close.

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Review and approve tax return

Review the tax return from your Accountant. Ask questions if you have them.

Once your tax return is approved, mark this task as complete.

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Partnership Share tax return with Partners

If you have a Partnership, then once you have reviewed your tax return from your Accountant share it with your Partners.

Once you've shared it with your Partners, mark this task as complete.

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