Treasure Chest – Recommended Order When Acquiring Properties

The following is a list of the classes included with the Real Estate Investor Treasure Chest in the recommended order for those that are still acquiring more properties (or even buying your first property).

  1. How to Get Your Next Deal Done After Coronavirus
  2. How to Get Down Payment
  3. Side Hustles: Earn Down Payments Faster – The Amazon Class
  4. How to Buy a Rental Property
  5. Establishing Your Buying Criteria Workshop
  6. How to Select a Real Estate Agent
  7. Finding Amazing Real Estate Investor Deals
  8. Should I Wait for a Real Estate Dip to Invest in Real Estate?
  9. The Ultimate Guide to CapEx on Rental Property – If you’re considering buying a low priced property, you should really understand capital expenses.
  10. House Hacking versus Nomad™ – Understand the difference between House Hacking and the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy.
  11. The Two Best Investing Strategies For Our Market Right Now
  12. Better Credit for Better Deals: Improving Your Credit Score – Your credit score may have a significant impact if you’re buying with traditional financing, so it might help to understand that and how to improve it. It can take time to improve your credit so we moved this up in the suggested order.
  13. Financing:
  14. Analyzing Deals:
  15. Looking at Profitable Investment Properties Tips and Tricks
  16. Making Offers:
  17. Under Contract through Closing:
  18. General Tips/Advice:
  19. Advanced/Unusual Financing:
  20. Converting Your Owner-Occupant Property To A Rental
  21. Bookkeeping and Accounting for Real Estate Investors
  22. Rental Property Tax Deductions
  23. The Ultimate Guide to Should I Pay Off My Mortgage

Other Treasure Chest Resources

These are additional real estate investor classes included with the Treasure Chest that you can listen to as well. These are not part of the recommended order for those acquiring properties.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that the classes included with the Real Estate Investor Treasure Chest can change and that the classes listed above may or may not be included in the current Treasure Chest.

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