Total Cap Rate

For the Total Cap Rate Scenario Chart we take the NOI (Net Operating Income) divided by the purchase price for each property, and add them all together. Net Operating Income equals all revenue from the property minus the operating expenses. It is a pre-tax figure that does not include principal and interest payments on loans, capital expenditures, depreciation, or amortization.

Total Cap Rate
Total Cap Rate

To calculate this value you will first need to determine the operating expenses. Here is an example based on the inputs we use in the Real Estate Financial Planner™.

Property Taxes + Property Insurance + HOA + Utilities + Other Expense 1 + Other Expense 2 + Maintenance + Property Management = Operating Expenses
$187.50 + $125 + $0 + $0 + $0 + $0 + $169.84 = $482.34/month

Next, we need the net operating income or NOI which we get by subtracting the operating expenses from the operating income (rent you receive).

Gross Operating Income - Operating Expenses = Net Operating Income
$1698.37 - $482.34 = $1216.04/month

Then, to get the Capitalization Rate we take the Net Operating Income divided by the Purchase Price of the house.

Net Operating Income/Purchase Price = Capitalization Rate
$1216.04/$300,000.00 = 4.86%

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