Total Account Balances

The Total Account Balances shows the total amount of money in all Accounts in a  Scenario.

Total Account Balances
Total Account Balances

It does not display how much of the overall total comes from which Account so, if you’d like to see that go to the Account Charts, select Account Balance, and click the “Stacking” option below the Chart.

It can be used to compare one  Scenario to another.

For example, here is an example of Andrea comparing Ep 1: Andrea Buys 8 Rentals with Down Payments for 2 to Ep 5: Andrea Pays Off Properties Early with Cash Flow.

Ep 5 - Andrea - Total Account Balances
Ep 5 – Andrea – Total Account Balances

You can easily compare how the Total Account Balance changes depending on the strategy employed.

Additional Information About Scenario Charts

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