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We have free content, premium content and content that has been moved to The Vault.

Free Real Estate Investor Content

The Real Estate Financial Planner™ provides a generous amount of free information on how to get your first deal done including:

But, that's just the free stuff which is usually focused on content you need to get your first deal done.

Premium Real Estate Investor Membership Content

Plus, we offer a Premium Membership option that includes curated access to new content each month and a generous library of core materials you need after you've made your first real estate investment purchase as a buy-and-hold investor, Nomad™ or house hacker.

Our premium content is usually focused on after you get your first deal and beyond.

Here's the content included this month:

And, core premium content that Premium Members get on-going access to like these resources:

Free Premium Membership

Allow James and Tammy Orr to refer you to work with a real estate agent/broker in your local real estate market and when they receive a referral check from that agent when you buy a property, you get 1 year of free Premium Membership.

The Vault

However, we have tons of content that has since been retired (sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently) to The Vault.

If you want access to the content that has been moved to The Vault, you can purchase 30 days of access with the Keys to the Vault.

You'll then be able to access the following content: