The Two Best Investing Strategies For Our Market Right Now

Creative Financing
Creative Financing

What are the two best real estate investing strategies for the NoCo real estate market right now? Owner financing? Subject to? Lease-Options? Straight options? Wrap financing? Agreement for deed? Contract for deed? Installment land contracts? Traditional buy-and-hold? Nomad™? House hacking? BRRR/BRRRR? Hard money lending? Fix and flips? Wholesaling? Short-term rentals? Something else?

In this class you'll learn:

  • What strategies could you be doing?
  • Sources of deals
  • Our current market conditions that suggest these two best strategies
  • What does "best" mean? Best in what way specifically?
  • What do we have an ample supply of?
  • What does NOT require EXTRAORDINARY... capitalization, income, time, sales or other skills?
  • A dive into a number of strategies to show how they're performing
  • A brief discussion of Carleton Sheet's Creative Options Grid Chart.
  • Plus much more

Duration: 2 hours and 7 minutes
Recorded: June 20, 2018
Instructor: James Orr