The Book on Rental Property Investing – Free PDF Download

I wrote the book on rental property investing… the definitive guide… the ultimate guide to rental property investing… and you can download it for FREE as a PDF below.

Download Book as PDF for FREE!Use right-click “Save link as…” to save the file to your computer.

I explain why I wrote it and why I am giving it away free here.

Inside the book, you will find:

  • Assumptions about your real estate investing
  • 10 paths to financial independence analyzed
  • Financial independence defined: philosophically and mathematically
  • Investing in stocks and bonds compared to real estate
  • Saving 10% per year
  • Safe withdrawal rates
  • Renting versus buying
  • Impact of increasing your savings rate
  • Saving to buy your first property
  • The Nomad™ investing strategy
  • Private mortgage insurance
  • Your first rental
  • Acquiring 10 rentals
  • Cash flow and True Cash Flow™
  • No down payment investing (and/or using gift money for down payments)
  • 20% down payment rentals
  • House hacking and/or side hustles
  • Paying off mortgages with cash flow
  • Paying off mortgages in full
  • Fewer properties for better short-term cash flow
  • Selling some properties to hit financial independence faster
  • Evaluating risk in buying rental properties
  • And much, much more…

How to Buy Your First Deal

In addition to being able to download the book above, if you’re looking to learn about how to get your first deal done, we have a 2 hour class on how to get your first deal done.

Financing Your Real Estate Deals

For more information on how to finance your real estate deals, check out this video on the basics of financing for real estate investors.

House Hacking versus Nomad™

If you’re interested in learning about house hacking and the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy then check out this video.

Rental Property Investing – Videos

If you want to learn more about modeling your own investing strategies, check out these three videos:

Each one walks you through a different investing strategy and provides you with a link to be able to change the assumptions to fit your own unique personal situation.

Real Estate Investing Podcast

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