Tenant Scenario: Black Mold

Complete the "Black Mold Remediation" checklist

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Seal Off the Area

If you find mold in the unit and suspect it may be Black Mold seal off the area and arrange to have the mold tested as quickly as possible.

Notify any tenants living there that there is mold, that the area has been sealed off, and that you are going to have it tested.

If your tenant discovers mold, visit the property to identify the location of the mold and ensure the area is sealed off and notify your tenants that you are going to arrange to have the mold tested.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Get Quotes for Mold Testing

Call a few mold testing companies to get quotes for what they would charge to come test the mold.

Ask if they also handle mold remediation.

Find out how far out they are booked for both testing and remediation.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Hire a Mold Testing Company

Once you have a few quotes hire a company to test the mold. You should consider cost, reputation, availability, and responsiveness.

If a company quoted low prices and seems really great but would not be able to complete the testing for 2 months you may want to factor that into your decision.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Notify Tenants You're Having the Mold Tested

Let your tenants know that you've hired a mold testing company and when the testing will occur.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Have the Mold Tested to Confirm if it is Black Mold

Once you decide on a mold testing company have the mold tested as soon as possible.

They will identify precisely what type of mold is present, and recommend the next steps for remediation.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Inform Tenants of Mold Test Results

Once you have the results from the mold test back inform the tenants whether or not Black Mold is present.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

The Mold is not Black Mold

If the mold turns out not to be Black Mold, inform the tenants and then have the necessary repairs made to stop any further water leaks and restore the property to it's original condition.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Mold Remediation

If the presence of Black Mold is confirmed,

  • Notify the tenants immediately
  • Seal off the area and avoid further exposure until the mold can be professionally removed
  • Hire a mold remediation company and have them complete the mold removal
  • Notify the tenants once the mold remediation is complete

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Complete Home Repairs

Once the mold remediation is complete hire the necessary personnel or company to complete any repair to drywall, flooring, roofing, etc to bring the property back to the condition it was at before the issue.

Keep your tenants informed about the repairs you plan to have done throughout the restoration process and when you expect them to be finished.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Notify the Tenants

Notify the tenants once all remediation and repairs are complete.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Check In with Tenants Afterwards

Check in with your tenants to make sure they feel there are no remaining issues with the mold remediation or the repairs. If they truly feel negatively impacted by the former presence of the mold consider the best course of action to resolve this.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

Disclosure to Future Tenants

Include the Black Mold remediation on all disclosure forms for the property. This includes disclosures to future tenants, your property manager, and potential buyers of the property.

Black MoldUltimate Nomad Checklist

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