The Ultimate Guide to Market Corrections

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The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans

Estimated Monthly Payments – All Loans If you are a veteran… thank you for your service… and you likely qualify for one of the best loan programs ever for buying properties… the VA loan. Learn all about this nothing down loan option in this class. In this class you’ll learn: The many benefits of VA loans VA guaranteed loans and what the benefit of that is for you Eligibility requirements of VA loans VA loan limits including full benefits, partial benefits and the loan limits map VA loans for investment properties Occupancy requirements for VA loans Lender selection Lender programs … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Earnest Money

Everything you wanted to know about Earnest Money and a whole bunch of stuff you didn't think you needed to know until I told you why you needed to know about it.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Are Earnest Money Checks Cashed?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Required?
  • Is Earnest Money Part of the Down Payment?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Refundable?
  • Is Earnest Money Returned?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Gift?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Personal Check?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Cash?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Used for Closing Costs?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Debit Card?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Credit Card?
  • What's Earnest Money?
  • What's Earnest Money When Buying a House?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Put Down?
  • How Much Earnest Money Is Normal?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Offer?
  • When Is Earnest Money Forfeited?
  • Who Gets Earnest Money When Buyer Backs Out?
  • How Do Earnest Money Disputes Work?
  • What About Earnest Money With Nothing Down Deals?
  • What About Earnest Money With Off-Market Deals?
  • Plus, much more...

Duration: 1 hour and 22 minutes
Recorded: October 21, 2020
Instructor: James Orr

The Ultimate Guide to Buy-and-Hold Investing

Do you dream of financial independence? Early retirement? A comfortable college fund for your kids when they grow up? If you’re willing to be patient, you can build wealth with real estate through buy-and-hold investing. Keep reading to learn more about this strategy from the experts behind the Real Estate Financial Planner™. What Is Buy-and-Hold Investing? A buy-and-hold investor is in it for the long-term gains, not a short-term boost. Instead of acquiring property and trying to sell it for profit within a few years, buy-and-hold investors typically hold on to their investment properties for five to 10 years. While … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Private Mortgage Insurance

Nomad™ No Points Comparing 3 Different PMI Options What is Private Mortgage Insurance? How to avoid it as a buy-and-hold real estate investor, Nomad™ or house hacker or use it to your advantage. In this class you’ll learn: What is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)? And, how to avoid it. Some of the more common PMI providers and why you may care… What primarily affects your PMI rate? What are additional adjustments? How to calculate PMI The range of monthly PMI amounts 3 strategies to pay PMI FHA and the PMI equivalent of MIP The duration of MIP for FHA loans … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Repair for Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, your credit can be an important factor in how well your investment performs. How much of a difference does your credit score make? That’s what I will cover below. Why Your Credit Score Matters There are real estate investing strategies that you can do with little or no money and no or bad credit, but (as you might imagine) they do limit the number and types of deals you can do. We won’t be discussing the no and bad credit strategies here specifically. Instead, we will focus on how to improve your credit so you … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Rental Property Financing

If you’re looking for information on rental property financing then you’e found the ultimate guide including several recordings of real estate seminars that go over various aspects of rental property financing, spreadsheets and additional tools. Class Recording: Financing 101 In this special real estate seminar you will learn all about financing properties including rental properties and primary residence financing. Why discuss financing your primary residence on a website dedicated to discussing topics related to investment property? Certain strategies (like the Nomad™ investing strategy) has you buy a property as your primary residence, live there for a year (or more) and … Read more